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Content Planning 101

Content Planning 101

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Learn How to Create Your Content Plan for the Whole Year in Two Days or Less. 

Content creation doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you unlock the power of strategic content planning with Content Planning 101. Create a flexible content plan for the entire year in just two days or less, ensuring every piece you create contributes to your bottom line. 

With step-by-step guidance, audience understanding, and valuable resources, this course empowers you to transform your content creation process and boost your business's success. And best of all, you’ll have a more strategic plan without putting in more time than you already are. 

In fact, with all these hacks and strategies, you’ll streamline your content creation process to spend less time while still creating high-quality content.


  1. Step-by-step instructions on how to create a flexible content plan that works with your brain and business
  2. How to get organized and systemize your business to pave the way for easier content planning and creation
  3. Tips for using automation to save time and energy
  4. What a content plan, content strategy, and content marketing are
  5. How to understand your audience intimately 
  6. What the buyer’s journey is, and how it applies to your content creation
  7. The essential elements of a content strategy and how to create one 
  8. How to repurpose your content to save even more time
  9. How to do keyword research to find keywords you can actually rank for
  10. A behind-the-scenes look at content planning for the whole year

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      What You Will Receive

      ✔️ Lifetime Access to the course, original recording, and slides

      ✔️ All course modules and new video lessons, as well as all future updates

      ✔️ PDF of types of content you can create

      ✔️ Monthly Content Planning Trello Board

      ✔️ Quarterly Content Planning Trello Board

      ✔️ Annual Content Planning Trello Board

      ✔️ Fillable Content Planning Template

      ✔️ KeySearch Keyword Research Masterclass

      ✔️ A PDF of questions to ask yourself when planning your content strategy
      ✔️ Content Promotion Checklist

      Frequently Asked Questions

      ❓ What if I’m just starting out?

      As long as you know some of your competitors, have a brand you want to grow and plan on using content, this method will work for you. It will still work if you need to do a lot of competitor research or find the right tools and other resources; creating your content plan may take a little longer. But it won’t take weeks or months. In fact, if you’re new, you’ll start out planning your content the right way.

      ❓ Do I need any expensive software?

      Nope! I’ll let you know the tools I use in the course, but you can do everything with free tools and the ones I provide you with the training. The Trello board templates can only be used in Trello, but you can sign up for free and use them without the paid plan.

      ❓ How long will this take?

      The training itself is around 60 minutes. And the course may take a few hours to get through since I coursified the initial training and added more videos and resources.

      Once you go through the training, you’ll have everything you need to get started + the resources you need. If you need to develop a launch and promotional calendar first, you should still be able to create a content plan in two days or less. It takes me less than a day.

      The more information you have, the faster the process will be. You just need to commit to the time to plan things out, but you can do that in phases if you need to and still be light years ahead.

      ❓ Will this course help with content creation efficiency?

      Absolutely! Content Planning 101 provides tips on streamlining your content creation process and utilizing automation to save time and energy. The key to getting more efficient with your content creation is systemizing your business, and we show you how to do that. Once you do, you can start using time-saving techniques like batching and time blocking.

      ❓ Can I apply the strategies learned in this course to my business immediately?

      Yes, the course is structured to help you start planning and implementing content strategies right away, making it a practical and actionable resource. The techniques taught in this course have been life-changing to many content creators.

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