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The Content Repurposing Formula

The Content Repurposing Formula

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Unlock the Power of Content Repurposing to Discover How It Can Boost Your Online Presence and Drive Results.

Experience a content revolution with The Content Repurposing Formula course. You'll discover the art of efficiently repurposing your content to save time and increase your online impact. Streamline your content creation process while still creating high-quality content in less time. 

This course is your ticket to get more time back each week, reach a wider audience, and become a content creation pro.


  1. What content repurposing is, and how you can benefit from recycling content
  2. How to create a content repurposing strategy and plan
  3. A content repurposing workflow you can steal and make your own
  4. How to execute your content repurposing plan
  5. Best practices, strategies, and tips for repurposing your content
  6. Content repurposing ideas
  7. Content repurposing examples
  8. How to identify your ideal client/customer and ways to reach them
  9. How to do keyword research in KeySearch
  10. A way to create a content library on autopilot and a place to store your content ideas
  11. How to develop a content routine that sticks

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

What You Will Receive

⭐ Module #1 - This module lays out the foundations for creating a winning content strategy, including repurposing your content. You’ll learn what content repurposing is and the best type of content to repurpose, as well as the benefits of content repurposing.

⭐ Module #2 - Here's where we start getting into the meat and potatoes of the course. We'll dig deep into planning and strategy. Learn how to create a content library on autopilot, how to understand your audience better, and how knowing the buyer’s journey helps your content creation. You’ll also learn how to set content goals.

⭐ Module #3 - In this module, you learn the eight steps in my content repurposing workflow, so you have an easily repeatable process you can use over and over again. Steal my eight-step content repurposing workflow and learn tips for making it scalable and streamlining your content creation process. We even show you how to create 20, 30, and even more pieces of content from just one long blog post.

⭐ Module #4 - Now it's time to execute your content repurposing plan of attack. Learn how to implement your repurposing strategy and the metrics to track and evaluate to measure the success of your repurposed content. Plus, you’ll learn how to adjust your content based on performance.

⭐ Module #5 - This module covers the strategies and best practices for actually repurposing your content. See actual content repurposing channels in real life and breaking down one blog article into many social media posts. We’ll teach you the best practices for repurposing your content and tips for staying organized and maintaining consistency. You’ll even learn about repurposing video content and other types.

✔️ PDF on How to Identify Your Ideal Avatar

✔️PDF on Ways to Reach Your Ideal Audience

✔️ The KeySearch Keyword Research Masterclass

✔️ A Content Promotion Checklist

✔️ A Content Planning Spreadsheet

✔️ The Content Repurposing Guide With Best Practices and Strategies

✔️ The Content Idea Vault Trello Board Template

✔️ Audio on Mastering Content Promotion

✔️ Video on How to Create a Content Routine That Sticks

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Do I need any special tools or software to complete the course?

No, you don't need any special tools or software to complete the course. You can use free tools, but I also recommend some paid ones that you can purchase to make creating content easier.

❓ Will repurposing my content affect my SEO?

No, repurposing your content will not negatively affect your SEO. In fact, repurposing your content in different formats and on a variety of platforms can actually help boost your SEO, as search engines will see that you are creating new, high-quality, informative content relevant to your audience.

Access Instructions

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