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Freelance Writing for Beginners: The Basics

Freelance Writing for Beginners: The Basics

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Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career by Unleashing Your Writing Potential and Building a Thriving Online Business.

Dive into the world of freelance writing, discover the path to financial independence, and ditch your day job for good. Heather Ritchie provides expert guidance on all things freelance writing.  

You'll develop the skills to secure clients, define your niche, and create a captivating online presence, propelling you toward a successful freelance writing career filled with opportunities and financial freedom.


  1. Whether freelance writing is for you
  2. Ways to get paid to write online
  3. How to set up your business
  4. How to choose a business niche
  5. How to define your ideal client
  6. How to create your freelance writing website
  7. Places to find clients and how to manage them
  8. How to make your freelance writing portfolio + examples
  9. Cold pitching tips for new writers

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

What You Will Receive

✔️ 170+ PDF eBook + the following freelance writing resources

✔️ Bonus checklist of places to look for freelance writing jobs for beginners (with no experience)

✔️ Bonus guide on setting your freelance writing rates

✔️ Bonus guide on dealing with rejection as a writer

✔️ Bonus freelance writing companion journal

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ Do I need prior writing experience to benefit from this ebook?

While prior writing experience is helpful, you don’t need it to benefit from this eBook. We cover all the different aspects of starting and growing a freelance writing business you need, from tips on building your website to finding clients to setting up PayPal and getting paid and more.

❓ Will this ebook help me find clients as a freelance writer?

Yes, the eBook provides guidance on how to find high-quality clients, including a list of websites to find freelance writing jobs, how to manage client relationships, and more.

❓ Are there any additional support or resources provided with the ebook?

Yes, the eBook comes with a checklist of places to find ghostwriter jobs and a guide on setting your freelance writing rates. There’s also a guide on dealing with rejection as a writer (an unfortunate part of the process) and a companion journal.

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